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Multi-Media Journalist

  KLKN-TV in Lincoln, Nebraska is looking for a Multi-Media Journalist (reporter) to help strengthen Nebraska’s Trusted News Station team. Lincoln is a vibrant community known for its low cost of living and high quality of life. READ: You can absolutely afford to live here and have fun. From the Haymarket District and its eclectic [...]

Content Producer/Editor

CONTENT PRODUCER/EDITOR Channel 8 KLKN-TV is looking for the next generation of Content Producers. You’ll be responsible for editing a variety of video for newscasts, social platforms, website and OTT. You will also be writing and producing written content for all platforms. Looking for journalists first and foremost and great storytellers as a close second. [...]

Morning Executive Producer

Morning Executive Producer As Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We're done with preposterous traditional news.  KLKN in Lincoln Nebraska wants a Morning Executive Producer who understands when and where people are getting their news today and can help re-brand our morning news - and we're [...]

Assign. Editor/ Digital Prod

Assignment Editor/Digital Producer   Viewers are consuming the news right now, when it's convenient for them.  KLKN-TV is looking for an Assignment Editor/Digital Producer to help us stay on top of the news as it's happening.  Someone with a passion for local news, digital storytelling, and organizational skills that shine.  You'll be an expert multi-tasker with solid [...]

Newscast Producer

Newscast Producer You don't wait to get your news until 5, 6, or 10.  We need a Newscast Producer who knows our viewers aren't waiting either. The ideal candidate has a love of marrying words and video, knows how to write and edit fast for different presentation platforms. You are a news junkie who always [...]

Assistant News Director

Channel 8 News in Lincoln, Nebraska is looking for an ASSISTANT NEWS DIRECTOR. This is a second-level management position in the newsroom and is for qualified, serious journalists only. This is not an entry level position or a chance to see what a newsroom is like. This is for the experienced journalist ready to take [...]

Topical Producer

Topical Producer The Creative Services Department at KLKN-TV is responsible for all creative assets and promotional elements involved in the marketing of the station. This includes but is not limited to station image, news promotion, topical production, and commercial production. A Topical Producer at KLKN-TV will be primarily responsible for the writing of news topicals [...]

News Intern

NEWS INTERNS CHANNEL 8 NEWS in Lincoln, Nebraska, is hiring for several internships. This isn’t a “sit and watch others” Internship Program. These are paid positions, learning all key areas of the newsroom, having a seat at the table and a voice in the newsroom. You’ll be exposed to a variety of news shifts and [...]

Content Producer

Channel 8 KLKN-TV is looking for the next generation of Content Producers. You’ll be responsible for stories on our broadcast and digital platforms during specific dayparts. Looking for journalists first and foremost and great storytellers as a close second. Ideal candidate has a love of writing and knows how to write for different presentation platforms. [...]

Morning Exec. News Producer

MORNING EXECUTIVE NEWS PRODUCER KLKN-TV, Nebraska’s Trusted News Source, is looking for a Morning Executive News Producer to pioneer our product on all platforms as we rebuild, re-brand and grow. You are a journalist at heart, with a storytelling spirit, and organizational skills that shine. It’s a great first step into management for that go-getter [...]


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